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Taking You Back

Ever since you came back to the States, you've been searching, trying to find that elusive eatery that can prepare shwarma as the Israelis can. But, you've been unsuccessful. You're already resigned to the fact that if you ever want that real Middle-Eastern shwarma experience again, it's gonna cost you a passport & round-trip ticket to Ben Gurion - but that's not in your near-future plans. Well, sit down. We have a surprise for you - you can reclaim that experience RIGHT HERE - at the all-new EAT A PITA!

And it's not only shwarma - they have grilled baby chicken so tender you can cut it with a fork, falafel spiced with the perfect blend, cigars, pastels and kibbeh as only a true Israeli can make them, fresh salads - along with the fastest and friendliest service around! And, don't forget to stop in on Wednesdays and Thursdays for cholent and kishka - on Thursdays, you can get Heimishe kugel and Sefardi chamin as well!
You don't believe anything here in the US comes close to the "real deal"? Fine. Don't take our word for it. Try it yourself. Bring a friend, sibling, spouse and get supper for both of you! Place your orders, close your eyes and you're back at your favorite Israeli joint!

Join us at the EAT A PITA KOSHER ISRAELI GRILL tonight – where dining’s an adventure!



At last – a shawarma you don't need a passport for.


For too long diners have been forced to Fly 3,000 miles to Jerusalem to experience a taste of the middle east. No longer! 

Don't take our word for it. Try it yourself - Bring a friend, sibling, spouse - and get supper or lunch for both of you! Place your order,and start your trip to the middle east.


Whether you go with the Shawarma, Falafel or one of the many Kabob's, Soup's, Salad's or Home made Mazza, you simply can’t lose.

it's real easy just follow these 4 easy steps.

1, Chose Your main dish,

2, Chose how you want it, In a Pita, Laffa, Baguette, Wrap on a platter or in a salad Bowl,

3. Chose from any of our 25 Toppings and salads in our fresh Salad bar

4, Top it off with your choice of any of our 16 homemade sauces From the classic Tahini, to the Spicy Mayo, or Rich Pesto.